Training & Assessment Mentor (TAM) is a proactive team with a vision to be the best training provider in the industry, focusing on best practice of delivery in an environment that supports up skilling and continual improvement.
TAM’s head office is located in Redcliffe, Brisbane. TAM services ALL REGIONS throughout Queensland, Australia with a great team of trainers and consultants to address your training needs.
TAM develops training after consultation involving both the employer and the employee, and takes pride on teaching what is important to each business. Trainers respect business’ policies and procedures ensuring that our delivery encompasses your core values. TAM trainers have formal qualifications and professional industry experience to ensure industry knowledge and requirements are filtered through to our clients.
Delivery of training encompasses full time, part time, labour hire, group training and school based trainees and apprentices. TAM conducts regular on-site visits with the individual, to suit at a time and location that is convenient to your business. This creates better outcomes for workers and employers as students are equipped for the workplace and downtime is reduced.
TAM is committed to provide the utmost support for our employers and students, our core values of business integrity and honesty stands above all, ensuring our interaction with you is of the highest standard.
Experience the opportunity to enjoy quality training with TAM’s enthusiastic approach to every training session.


18:04:23 From frank to Everyone: Present.
18:37:25 From Scott to Everyone: Brent that you want questions going to? 18:37:38 From TAM Operations to Everyone: yes
19:18:04 From Matt to Everyone: thanks Brent 19:18:14 From frank to Everyone: Thanks Brent. All good. Cheers.
19:18:37 From Scott Handley to Everyone: Cheers Brent.
19:18:42 From Jye Barry to Everyone: ledgend
19:18:58 From Dan to Everyone: cheers mate
19:19:03 From Jason Mills to Everyone: great mate thank you
19:19:20 From matthew collins to Everyone: champion made it easy
19:19:27 From Matt to Everyone: good speed, everything was straight forward
19:19:50 From Ace to Everyone: Good Stuff mate, wasn't painful at all 👍
19:20:00 From Jason Mills to Everyone: question 27 mate if you don’t mind
19:20:28 From Graham Smith to Everyone: Well done. Thanks, This was my last one. 19:21:27 From Scott Handley to Everyone: yerr ill be on Thursday mate.
19:22:16 From vinnie to Everyone: thanks mayte, ill be in for tomorrow nights class for my final unit 19:22:41 From Matt to Everyone: see you tomorrow night
19:26:29 From Zara to Everyone: Thanks Brent, see you tomorrow night
19:26:48 From Scott Handley to Everyone: cheers Brent. you've been great