QBCC Regulatory amendments to licensing

On 1 April 2016, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Regulation 2003 was amended to reflect current industry practices and to update and streamline licensing requirements.
In summary, the amendments to the Commission’s licensing requirements are –

  • The 2 year experience requirement has been removed for all trade contractor licence classes, except fire, building design and hydraulic design classes.  Builder licence applicants will still be subject to experience requirements.
  • Technical qualifications have been removed from the Regulation and placed in a separate ‘technical qualification document’ that lives on the Department of Housing and Public Works website.  A link has been provided on the QBCC website directly to the document.
  • Builders Low and Medium Rise have had their scopes of work expanded to now allow them to work on non-structural components of any building irrespective of their size with the exception of fire protection work.
  • The ‘QBCC approved Management course’ has been replaced by a single AQF unit – BSBSMB401 Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business.
  • Builder Restricted to Swimming Pool Construction licence class has been deleted.  Current licensees will be transitioned into the full Swimming Pool Construction, Installation and Maintenance class.
  • Off-site manufacture of roof trusses and wall frames is included as an exemption to the definition of building work under Sch 1AA.
  • Plastering Solid licensees now have the ability to apply paint if they supply the Commission with evidence they have completed a painting unit of competency.  Current licensed solid plasterers will need to apply for the new class if they wish to carry out painting work.
  • Painting and Decorating licensees now have the ability to apply render if they supply the Commission with evidence they have completed a solid plastering unit of competency.  Current licensed painters will automatically receive the new class allowing them to apply render.

The QBCC website has been updated to reflect these changes as well as our licensing forms.  To support the different experience requirements that applicants need to account for, our Individual Licence Application form has now been segmented into three separate forms:

  1. Licence Application form INDIVIDUAL – For all Builder, Hydraulic Design and Building Design licence classes
  2. Licence Application form INDIVIDUAL – For all licences with the exception of Builder, Fire, Hydraulics and Design classes
  3. Licence Application form INDIVIDUAL – For Fire, Nominee Supervisor or Contractor licence classes

If you have any enquiries related to these changes please contact our Contact Centre on 139 333.

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